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In 2020 Go Ebikes started business. We started selling out of our warehouse in Torrance, California. Go Ebikes is on the forefront of selling really kool, simple to use ebikes for men and women. Our ebikes are reliable, durable and comfortable. All of our ebikes are priced at a very reasonable price range. We stand behind our products 100% and have a great 1-year warranty to prove it. Not only will you get an awesome ebike that looks great and last many years but you will have a fun new lifestyle.
Ebikes are our only bikes we offer and focus all our efforts in the ebike business to always offer the newest and latest ebikes. The ebikes we sell are always the current updated models on the market.  
Electric bikes are much more than just a mode of transportation. Electric bikes are a revolutionary step towards a greener and healthier planet. Plus they’re tons of fun to ride!
It is our top priority to provide excellent customer service. Go Ebikes continuously strives to offer ebikes that people continually want and ask for.
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Should you have further questions please contact us at or call us at 530-429-2410 7 days a week 9am-6pm.
Visit our retail store at:
Go Ebikes
1012 S. Pacific Coast Hwy (between ave B and C)
Redondo Beach, CA. 90277